How to Improve Your Fitness Goals Naturally

Do you know that peppermint may improve athletic performance

In studies, one drop of peppermint in mineral water was associated with:improved grip strength, vertical jump, and standing long jump, visual and auditory reaction time, and heart rate variability both five minutes and 60 minutes after useimproved lung capacity and blood lactate after 10 days of daily ingestion. Carbohydrate metabolism increased, suggesting an increase in energy production in muscle tissue. Heart rate during exercise also improved.

Stress is a fact of life !

Studies have found that rosemary oil may help reduce cortisone levels, which is known as the stress hormone. Rosemary oil may also ease high blood pressure and help you breathe better. Spraying all natural essential oil mist on your face and hair may help you focus, breathe, moisturize your skin and improve your work out routine !

CBD is quickly becoming a vital part of many workout routines as well as a remedy for anxiety. We all know it is helpful to be active if you are feeling stressed or worried; the movement increases dopamine in the brain, likely leading to a better overall mood, but for some even getting to the gym in the first place can be challenging. With fewer worries , it becomes easier to focus on your workout and enter that active headspace with an overall sense of calm. A great way to stay on top of that soreness and recover quickly is with CBD. CBD acts to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and muscles in the body. By using CBD supplements following a workout salves and rubs specifically designed for muscles following a workout, you will recover quicker!

Have you tried CBD before? What do you think and how did it help your muscles or recovery after a workout?

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