Impressive Benefits Of Rosemary!

Rosemary oil has so many amazing health benefits from:

-Mental Clarity -Enhances memory -Hair growth -Supports immune system -Headache relief -Pain relief -Respiratory support -Mood elevator -Indigestion Cramps You are sure to love Rosemary & it's essential in your oil collection!


Apply behind ears + back of neck to enhance memory

Diffuse with lemon in work environment to help with mental clarity + mood booster
Take via veggie capsule for immune support + indigestion
Apply on sore muscles + stomach for cramps
Apply on chest + diffuse for respiratory support
Combine with Cedarwood, Lavender, & Witch Hazel to create thee best hair growth recipe! 

4 oz glass spray bottle (I get mine from Amazon!)
30 drops Rosemary
30 drops Lavender
30 drops Cedarwood
fill the rest with Witch Hazel


Shake well before each use

Apply to roots up to twice a day & massage scalp

Can apply to wet or dry hair!

You can also try all natural face and hair mist  with Rosemary Essential Oil that you can use ANY TIME AND ANYWHERE ! Learn More Here!


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