Mind blowing mix of warming ginger, healing turmeric and hemp!

Many people complain that natural remedies do not work. Unfortunately , this is often because of poor quality herbs and oils . Improper handling or storage will result in poor quality herbs with little flavor and few beneficial properties. To make good quality natural products you must start with the best quality oils!

This is the salve that started it all. This proprietary blend has been handed down in my family for long time and it’s unlike anything you will find elsewhere. I had to substitute Camphor EO with Ginger Oil and it turned out even better!

Ginger contains zingibain which is responsible for the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. This important component provides pain relief and treats muscle aches, arthritis. Ginger essential oil is believed to reduce the amount of prostaglandins in the body, which are compounds associated with pain. Ginger Essential Oil also improve blood circulation.

Soothing oils soften skin while the synergistic blend of herbs and essential oils gently warms and stimulates circulation, to help relieve muscle tension and stiff joints.

Amazi Salve Made in Small Bathes To Ensure Freshness, with all natural herbal ingredients. NO parabens, NO dyes or NO artificial fragrances are used to make this salve.

Helps temporarily relieve pain from sore muscles, stiff joints, swelling ,arthritis, muscle spasm, menstrual cramps and nerve pain

Excites heat sensors in the skin to provide a warm feeling to the skin and underlying tissue layers

Stimulates circulation

Great to Use before exercising to warm and loosen muscles and joints.

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