Skin Smoothing Massage Candle

Healing and Relaxing Frankincense and Hemp Infused Massage Candle .

Made with skin-softening cocoa, mango butters  and infused with Hemp Oil , this hand-poured massage candle is blended with warming notes of frankincense , vetiver, sandalwood and hint of vanilla .Hand made in Los Angeles  it can be poured on the skin once melted or simply used to infuse scent in the room.

A combination of soy wax and other skin-soothing oils and butters, massage candles melt easily and are cool enough to pour right on your skin for a soothing, spa-like treatment.

Soy wax is one of the safest waxes to use on the skin. It's quite soft so it melts and pools easily, and it won't irritate your skin unless you have a soy allergy 

This candles are  all-natural, and easy to make yourself. Though they look like traditional candles, they’re actually a solid body oil blended with essential oils.


Ingredients :

4oz Mango Butter 

4 oz Cocoa Butter

4 oz Soy Wax

1 oz Hemp Seed Oil (you can substitute Hemp Oil with Jojoba or Sweet Almond or Avocado Oil)

Create your amazing smelling candle by adding in your favorite combinations of essential oils. I love using woody, earthy oils and in this recipe i used 

40 drops of Frankincense 

30 drops of Vetiver 

15 drops SandalWood

10 drops of Vanilla and 5 drops of Lemon

To use the Candle 


You might hesitate at using melted wax as part of a massage if you've never tried it before. However, once you experience the soothing sensation of warm wax and how soft and glowing your skin is afterward, you may never go back to a traditional massage again. The combination of aromatherapy, skin care and muscle relaxation is hard to resist once you experience just how wonderful a wax massage can be.

Light the candle and let burn for 15-20 minutes to allow a small pool of wax to form around the wick. Carefully pour the wax into your hand, or dip the tips of your fingers in the wax and massage the oil into the skin.

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