Who would have though that a solitary plant could help anxiety and so much more? After all, being anxious or nervous is an inevitable and ordinary part of life. There was a time, however, when I had some difficulty in coping with my stress and anxiety. I became unmotivated and just plain miserable. I realize no one can avoid these feelings forever, but the medication my doctor prescribed caused horrible tension headaches. So I stopped the meds and tried to deal with these issues on my own.

Less than one year ago I had never heard of full spectrum hemp oil (CBD).  But one day I was at lunch with a friend, sharing my inability to relax and calm my mind as my thoughts were always racing. I was incapable of thinking about anything but the past and future, frustrated that I could not relax and enjoy the present. After hearing me rant for some time, my friend handed me a small bottle of CBD hemp oil. He shared with me how he stopped taking prescription medication a couple of years ago, now managing his anxiety and stress with CBD. Of course I was rather skeptical that some plant hemp oil could bring me such relief, but I gave it shot.  For me at least, it turns out my past beliefs were completely wrong, and in 30 minutes I could feel my mind and body start to shed this unwanted stress and tension.  Over the next few days I started to feel like myself again. 

Since then, I have recommended CBD to my friends and family, all with positive results.  In one instance, a family member who started using CBD was able to manage her arthritis pain and sleep better. Skeptics may call this a coincidence, but I believe it’s a new way of life for me.  I can’t wait to find out what’s next.