AmaziGhee  Healing& Natural Intensive Moisturizer Ghee Based  Lip Balm

AmaziGhee Healing& Natural Intensive Moisturizer Ghee Based Lip Balm

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My Original Lip Ghee is Vanilla & Honey flavored contains all natural ingredients, Ghee Butter, Mango butter, Coconut Butter  Sweet Almond Oil, castor oil, Red Raspberry Oil (natural SPF), Calendula Oil, Aloe Vera,  Slippery Elm ,Raw Organic Honey and organic beeswax.

This lip balm has no taste just light scent of Vanilla, its just purely nourishing and moisturizing, it's not too waxy so that it pulls and tugs as you apply.

Ghee Deeply Moisturizes Dry Skin
If you suffer from the driest, flakiest skin Ghee LipBalm will be the best for you! It will sink right into the skin and its fats will provide a protective coating that heal dry skin, protect it from harsh wind/cold and prevent dehydration of its outer layer.

I infused my Lip Balm with natural Healing Herbs blend like Calendula, Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm.

The raw organic honey helps heal dry cracked lips as honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and humectant.

AmaziGhee Lip Balm will heal your cracked lips and keep them Moist and Soft!

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